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As a poetry writer working with

I hope to get feedback and peoples interest into their projects and my Writing. so I look forward to working with people. On here and their work <3 if you think something poetic comes to mind bring it up and I will write it!

Commission Work!

So Like I mentioned friends and folks I can Do alot o convert'n paint'n and gizmo'z.. Lets hear w'at ya gotta say fer I am ALWAYZ open te new d'ingz.

the average ai change be

$7-15 per small base unit of the game and detail required

$10-20 per medium base or depending upon details required

$15-25 per large base again variies per detail or size

vehicles and anything bigger we can talk it out usually 35-50 per with full details like words or pics -semi ok with pics like nose art for planes and vehicles-

customizing units of thy desired taste well we talk that out too, for depends if im working with resin, pewter or plastic. if I am to gauge it with my parts or I get it myself then its a bit higher than u supply me with it.

Example- the custom necron immortals, the blood angel death guards were sold at 150 for 10 models. thats a damn nice steal imo.

And if there are pieces you see that you want that I have built in previous work ask and I can MAKE it or the parts of it that I kustom built ^^

I will take tips for work for its always a pleasure to do bussiness for folks and I enjoy seeing my work being loved all over the world if able.


part o tumblr now, try'n et out so folk's ca see not just d'e front but back shot's o some o d'e model's d'ey want te zee <3


Feora Protector of the Flame by Solav
Feora Protector of the Flame
She marches to battle, not for the sake of the Hierarchy but her own ambitions. She would stop at nothing to spread the faith of Menoth and preserve the churches of the Creator. Leading her forces of the Flame Guard into battle she lets out a cry of faith to the heavens where those who followed gave voice as well. 
Karl Franz on Deathclaw by Solav
Karl Franz on Deathclaw
He sits upon the back of the griffon, staring out along the prairie, peering about alongside his troops. His men and those who followed after, were proud people against these superstitious and dark times. He raises his blade, high over his head, as the ranks of men raise voice. Their cry for the protection of the Empire heard loud and clear across the field of battle as they thus began to march to war.
Inquisition Deployment by Solav
Inquisition Deployment
The Inquisitor glances left, and right, following his servo skulls. The apes under his command following alongside him. He listens to their chatter, the servo's observations as his entourage of men follows along. The Sister, his personal guard follows along grimly, never a word till the battle has come. Then the great words of the Emperor spill from her lips. He smirks, he had a great unit under his command. Men and women willing to lay their lives down, for the Emperor. For the protection of Mankind.
Bounty hunters in wow are known as runners and are licensed by the Union through the Division of Hunts.  They work for Clients and find offenders who have failed to appear in court after having been released on good faith.  Runners track down such individuals, arrest them, and return them to law enforcement officials for a fee. Many a time, half the fee is awarded if the target is killed, and the head is returned to clarify, or something that is known by said client that is easily recognized for payment given.

In WoW, runners must first be sponsored by a Client before they can submit their application to get a license, and the Union requires a written appointment from the Client as part of the application process.  The steps to become a bounty hunter in WoW are listed below:

Step 1.  Meet the Requirements to Obtain a License in WoW
In Wow, you must meet the following requirements to become a bounty hunter:

Be available through any means possible
Be a single, with no ties to kin or loved ones.
Have Roleplayed as a reliable Hunter for a year
Must be active in the Client business
Cannot have plead guilty or been convicted of either of the following:
Crime involving moral turpitude
If it is more than three years since you have been sentenced for such a crime, it may be possible to get a waiver from the Director of the Division of Hunts.

Step 2.  Contact Employers in WoW/ Board
Now you will need to seek an employer.  The Union of WoW requires that you be employed by a Client to be able to apply to become a runner.  This person will be the one submitting your application, fee, and the required documentation.  There are a number of Clients operating in WoW that you could contact.  Prominent Client Companies in WoW include:

((Removed to protect Clients))

Step 3.  Prepare the Documentation for Huntsmen Application
You will need to pay a license fee of  3000g to have your application submitted.  You will need to have your fingerprints taken by a veteran huntsmen and a blood sample, in case of failure of missions to Blacklist you and be hunted under article Step 5.

Your employer will have to provide a written appointment of you as a runner to accompany the application and the fee.  You will have to pay a 100g fee for each Client who employs you.

Step 4.  Take the Required Huntsmen Examination
The Headsmen of the Division of Hunts of the Union Board will be the one who analyzes your application to determine whether or not you are qualified to become a runner in the Union.  Once you have been found to be a qualified candidate, you will be become eligible to take the Huntsmen examination to determine your fitness to become a runner.

Preparation and time of requirement of fitness include many mental and physical means of approach, concentration and skills of the situation to becoming a Huntsmen.  Some of these include:

Physical fitness, which includes, running, climbing, swimming, strength, endurance.
Reflex upon situations requiring hearing, seeing, and combat reflexes in evading.
Focus on objective, patience, being able to conceal and camouflage yourself into the surrounding terrain, environment or crowds.
If you are indeed single, and no ties.
If you do not pass with at least a 70% score, you will have to wait a year before you can take it again.

Step 5. Breaking the Contract/ Agreement with Client/ Board.
If you are to cut ties, with the Headsmen, the Clients and are to be caught, the Bounty Union and any you are affiliated with are by no means to be targeted for failed actions on the Hunt. If the Huntsmen is found, and revealed all ties to him and his crimes will be brought up for debate of the issue at hand of an illegal hunt.
If Huntsmen were to present false documentation of said Hunt, for person reasons, griefs, and or another's revenge or vendetta, will be taken action in the cost of their life. A Bounty will be issued for the capture and execution of individual.
If Huntsmen were to reveal names, and clients of the board, he will be ex communicated, and removed from the roster, and removed from any future events to take place during seasons of the campaigns to be brought to the Board.

Step 6. How contract works.
Huntsmen are to respect and agree to terms of both parties. The huntsmen once given the name of target, mission perimeters, and pay for completion with discuss OOC what is to transpire, and if Consent is given. Client WILL inform Ingame to the Target if so, with a Huntsmen Associate to watch over the incident at all times to make sure all is in favor of both sides. If foul play (( such as god modding or OOC reasons)) come up, the Hunt will be postponed, till an agreement is settled.

There will be no surprise attacks, no OOC reasons, nor no explanation of reason will occur.A Headsmen will be there all any given time during the event that is to transpire. If Consent is not given the Hunt will be Null and void, the Huntsmen put on a Penalty, for a duration of time. More penalties in a short time will bring about your removal of the union and black listed. If attempted repeated murder of target without consent and or agreement is not given You WILL be removed and black listed as well.

ALL Clients are unknown, they are at times known as a Jerry, or Client, their names are never revealed, except after the Hunt, and they pay trade is in process. Agreement's to the target's friends or family finding out or catching wind is to both sides agreement in chat. Only the Huntsmen over seeing and ruling the Hunt of the Hired Huntsmen will KNOW who the client is, and only on completion of the Huntsment Arc will the Client be revealed.

Step 7. Absolutely NO repeated NO Grief contracts.
No contract is to be agreed upon by Huntsmen if it is OOC biased, there have to be an agreement of both parties, and if the Client refuses to speak with said target, or gives no documentation of WHY the target is to be hunted. The contract is to be voided immediately, no and if's or butts about it. All communication with said Client are to be stopped and brought to the attention of the Headsmen of the Union Board immediately.

These agreements are to make the Hunt's and Events for bounty hunter's that much more fun and safer to both sides. It allows us to involved guilds, clans, alliance and horde into amazing campaigns where the Hunt's can create new stories for each individuals participating. The Huntmen will never use their in game name, always an Alias, so that on the off chance the Huntsmen is hunted, captured, and or killed. He will still be able to play his character. MRP is adviced as well as Tongues to make the events smoother. As well as Gryphonheart Items ((GHI)) to create contracts and items during events.
Bounty Hunter Contract Agreement
What a Wow player as a Bounty Hunter to a Bounty Union Agree's too, it's pretty damn cool and given the Okie to post it. If anyone wants to use as a basis for RP, then by all means.


Solav's Profile Picture
James Lofshult
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello hello to all the folks that see my work. I am in process to do Commissioning and more with miniature models of Infinity, Malifaux, warhammer 40k & fantasy, and warmachine. if you have any questions please feel free to message me.

My work is usually

$10 a small base
$15 a medium base
$20 a large base
$50-$100 huge base

but it varies on how big or detailed it is so we can discuss terms and such when asking.

So with that said...

Welcome welcome ya sorry git'z te Mekboy'z Solav'z Workshop! We convert, build and splash on d'e finest paint ye can imagine!. ya want et simple! ai give ya simple! we can work around everyone's needs! - Looks around- well fer now ai can most assurredly do d'e work. ask me an ai can deliver, ai get bored so find me some stuff te DO! 'ell ef ya got a piece o art d'at needs eh model. jus ask. probably got d'e bits en me junkyard.

Current Residence: Bremerton
Favourite genre of music: techno, dance, trance, modern, classic's
Favourite style of art: Minature paintjobs
Wallpaper of choice: Soundwave, orks, anything cool
Favourite cartoon character: Soundwave (original and first series to come out of transformers)

Also I am working as a Poetry Writer for some of StoneSoreceress work over at and their Tumblr
SO to let everyone know, As I have said Hiatus, and popped up from time to time, I'm back guys. And I AM back, no lies. Being with my girlfriend for the first time in my life of online dating, This Big Mek you all enjoy to see is now here again with the need, to paint once more. With what I experienced in the few days of seeing her, till we can figure what to do next. What the joy of a lifetime.

So while I go about getting things cleaned, painted, and worked upon, I will be slowly getting back into working on commissions and many of the creations you all love from me.

What would you folks fund from me? 

11 deviants said miniature painting
4 deviants said Custom work
4 deviants said a potential webcomic of the orc?
3 deviants said Be random?
2 deviants said miniature designing
1 deviant said Poetry
No deviants said writing
No deviants said Drawing
No deviants said Other(( leave a comment and feedback))


Big Mek HQ Choice by Taytonclait

smirks stepping around the lad, sizing him up as I puff my cigar," well let'z zee 'ere," grabs him by the jaw and inspects now," gud di...

Katja and the Knights of Ni by Blazbaros

grinz looking upon the piece and show's it to friends who laugh upon it in merry joy," ohhh gud piece gud piece friend. we agree d'e vi...

Flight of Fancy-- Sketch by Lyiba-MoonEyes

ponders looking at this one again," me like'z friend, so far ye got d'e style ye want'd down. d'e wing'z be nice an elegant fer sure bu...

Throughtful Terror-- Sketch by Lyiba-MoonEyes

Ponders looking it over curiously," Nice Nice, tis eh clean and well d'ought look," nods and adjusts his wielding mask inspecting it," ...

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